I happened upon an interesting new restaurant today with V. It is a Dutch fast food chain, though as far as I can tell there are only 2 locations world wide, one in Antwerp and one, a block from my office, in Midtown Manhattan.
Danku provides a wholesome, organic alternative to today’s fast food restaurants. Consumers worldwide can enjoy a fresh, delicious meal while feeling good in the knowledge they are placing less of a burden on the environment.

The menu at Danku is inspired by the popular Indo-Dutch cuisine served all over the Netherlands -- Danku’s birthplace. At one time, Indonesia was a Dutch colony and Indonesian ingredients and dishes have left a delicious and lasting impression, becoming an integral part of the Dutch culinary repertoire.
I definitely liked it, and for "fast food" the menu is very healthy. I had Danku’s signature menu item, the traditional Dutch "krokets," with a garden salad. The prices were reasonable, for New York—under $10 for lunch—and the flavors were interesting. I hope they continue to grow; a sensible enterprise like this is good for our health—and for the Earth. Though it looks like others aren't quite as pleased as I was.