This is New York City: This is Food

Visit NYC: This is food

From Gothamist:

One of the city's biggest industries is the tourism, and the city announced a major push to keep the tourists coming in. Mayor Bloomberg and other officials kicked off the "first-ever global multimedia communications campaign to promote New York City." An advertising campaign titled "This is New York City" will features outdoor posters, internet advertising and a TV spot. Plus, the NYCVisit website features ways for visitors to plan their trip.

I really like the "This is food" poster (at right) and was impressed by the dining section of the website. They've also got a cool commercial that will be part of the $30 million national advertising campaign. Looks like getting reservations at the best places is going to get even harder! Though the Wall Street Journal recently reported on "the rising influence of food blogs [that] has chefs plying Web critics with dinners and drinks to avoid bad write-ups." I'm still waiting for my call.

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