Five Guys NYC

Five Guys is a burger place that started down in the D.C. area and I went there every now and then before I moved to New York. I was excited to see that they're now spreading up to the city. A few weeks ago Five Guys opened in midtown, a few blocks from my office. The day it opened, the line was out the door with an hour and a half wait! Now, fortunately things have calmed down a bit and when I went, the wait was a more reasonable 5-10 minutes.

Five guys isn't gourmet, but they make one of the best burgers I've ever had. Compared to so many other burgers, from McDonalds to any other pub or the frozen patties I often have off the grill at barbecues, Five Guys tops them all. The burgers (made with two hand-formed patties) are juicy and flavorful, and the free toppings are great too. I do wish there was a little more grill char taste, but really the burgers are just great. I like to let the burger sit for a few minutes after I get it to allow all the flavors to combine. In those few minutes, I simply enjoy the great fries Five Guys makes from fresh potatoes. They're more like boardwalk fries, a little crispy, but also a little soggy, with the skin sill on. The fries are served in a foam cup but really that serves little purpose because they add probably double that amount of fries to the brown paper bag everything comes served in. Simple and tasty, with malt vinegar, or ketchup. Plus, don't forget the barrels of peanuts set out for snacking while waiting in line. All in all it makes Five Guys a great place for a great burger. I'm glad its close to the office, but not so close that I'll be there every day for lunch!

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