'wichcraft is a great little sandwich place in the village. I went there with Matt, a friend visiting from out of town. The restaurant is part of the "Craft" collection of restaurants (recently we also went to CraftBar). The menu is pretty simple with about a dozen sandwich choices including hot and cold sandwiches. I ordered the grilled gruyère with caramelized onions on peasant bread. It was grilled on a panini press and was quite crunchy on the outside but not to hard to bite through. The cheese was flavorful, though I thought it could have been a little stronger or saltier.

There are several more sandwiches on the menu that I'd like to try. Overall this is a great place for a great but quick and casual lunch. You walk though a line to order but your order is brought to your table once you find your seat. The prices are a little high for a sandwich, but the quality equals or exceeds the price. (now that I live nearby) I'll definitely go back!

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