Dessert Club, ChikaLicious

I suppose a dessert-only restaurant isn't that unique what with ice cream shops and other similar places, but somehow, "Dessert Club, ChikaLicious" is unique as a one-food-only place. Across the street from its sister restaurant, ChikaLicious Dessert Bar (which is a fancier dessert space that serves a fixed-price menu), the Dessert Club serves only pudding:

Steamed Apple Puddin'
Adult Chocolate Puddin'
Brioche Bread Puddin'

We tried the chocolate and bread puddings. The chocolate pudding was not that unique, but V loved the Brioche Bread Pudding. It was served warm and was rich and delicious. The prices were reasonable, and the atmosphere simple (just a walk-up counter with a few seats, and a great aroma coming from the kitchen. We're waiting until we have some guests in town to try out the dessert bar.

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