Umbertos Clam House

Umbertos Clam House is my first restaurant in the Bronx! Now all I have left is to eat somewhere in Staten Island to complete the "Restaurant Reminder Quinfecta™". Anyhow, Umbertos claims don't add up to the real experience they provide. Located in little Italy in the Bronx, on Arthur Avenue, the restaurant is in the heart of a real Italian neighborhood, with great markets, delis, bakeries and butcher shops. I expected an authentic meal, not necessarily the pinnacle of cuisine, but at least quality Italian food, even for a Friday lunch. Really to me though the restaurant seemed more like a chain seafood/Italian place, with lots of nautical stuff screwed on to the walls and lacking the authentic charm of the rest of the neighborhood.

The lunch menu wasn't very large and we all decided to take the lunch special, which included salad and an entree. The salad was plain, the typical house salad, with iceberg, a few cucumber slices and a cherry tomato, with a little plastic cup of dressing. For an entree I figured they'd have a good fish and chips, so I ordered it. It was probably the worst fish and chips I've ever had, seriously. The fries were soggy and flavorless, and the fish was dry and the breading was thin and close to soggy too. No crunch, no texture. It was disappointing. Further our service was slow and stuttered with one or two of us having to wait for their order after everyone else was served. Too bad. At least it was on the office! Maybe I need another Bronx experience to really claim the Quinfecta. (Probably more in Brooklyn too.)

p.s. Sorry I haven't posted much lately, I've got a backlog of about a dozen restaurants I'm beginning to work on today.

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Bettina said...

Shame on you Clark, for complaining about Fish and Chips at an Italian Clamhouse!

I say give Umberto's another chance, but order something like mussels marinara--my dad takes us there every time we're in NYC, and he used to go when he was growing up in New Jersey.