1849 is your home away from home. Friendly atmosphere, superb food, and a staff who care. We also grind our own burgers, which taste great and are considered to be the best burgers in town! So come in to 1849 today where our philosophy is to be the best at everything!

1849 barI came across 1849 while looking for a quick bite to eat in the village before heading to a concert at a nearby club. The happy hour specials were enticing–5¢ beers with the purchase of an appetizer–as was the atmosphere: red velvet sofas and chairs with trophy bison and deer mounted on the brick walls, with music playing pretty loudly. It was kind of western saloon meets sports bar. And who can turn down 5¢ beers?!

We ordered chips and guacamole as one appetizer, which were fine though the guac serving was rather small. I've been craving BBQ since I came to NYC–It's tough to get good BBQ in the city (though I've got a few places in mind to try out), and I can't grill myself–so for my meal I ordered the appetizer portion of ribs. They were good and messy as ribs should be, though a little dry. The portion was just right really, I didn't need a full order by any means. As the burgers come recommended, V ordered one, and I tried a bite or two. It was good, but nothing to write home about (ironic, no?).

1849 has a great atmosphere and reasonable prices, but be careful: though our beers were each a nickel, the check had a 20% service charge for table service (even for just the two of us)! Next time I'll go back just for a drink.

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