Watawa is a little Japanese restaurant around the corner from my apartment. I've seen it there since I moved in but never had an opportunity drop in for a bite. Late one night after most of the other restaurants on the block had closed, V and I were looking for sushi and Watawa was still open. It was a good choice, and not just for late-night eats.

I've only relatively recently gotten in to sushi, and still I'm pretty much a novice, sticking to tuna rolls and other simple dishes. I did the same here, but the rolls were well prepared and the slight twists the chef added were a nice touch. This sushi was very good, I'd say because the layer of rice was minimal, allowing me to better enjoy the roll's contents. The tuna and avocado roll was very good, and the spicy tuna roll (which wasn't too spicy) had a little addition of crunchy tempura crumbs rolled up inside. The presentation was simple and the service was relatively quick, though we waited a while for our order to be taken and for our drinks to arrive.

A few other comments: the decor was nice and simple. Lots of bottles of while and sake around the restaurant, and an otherwise clean atmosphere. Our waiter was good and easily handled my special request (sure, adding avocado isn't that complex). I'm happy I finally dropped in to Watawa; when I left, I took the delivery menu. I'm sure I'll order (or drop in) again.

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