The focus of Zoë is our open kitchen with its wood burning oven, grill and rotisserie.

Zoe RestaurantWhen I walked into Zoë, the first thing I noticed was the smell. The aroma was sort of like fresh bread, kind of sweet and yeasty, it contented me to stay for a while. The menu looked a little pricey but their bar offerings were reasonable, so that's where I sat. I later discovered that they have a chef's counter where the culinary team will personally explain what they're preparing and provide tips from the chef! (I don't care if it is technically for kids, I'm going back to eat there.)

From the bar menu I ordered a mushroom pizza, made with a variety of seasonal mushrooms, pesto, bacon and goat cheese. When it came out of the oven it was topped with a good portion of arugula. This whole combination had a wonderful aroma and a great combination of flavors and textures. It was really unlike any other pizza I've ever had. There were several types of mushrooms, which I probably couldn't identify but which were quite tasty and really not that mushroomy. The pesto added a nice garlic flavor and the goat cheese was flavorful but not too chalky which it sometimes can be.

As I enjoyed my dinner I took a look around the restaurant. It seems pretty big for its location, with the open kitchen at the back. The ceiling looked like it was red velvet or some other fabric, and there were interesting "fourteen-foot terra cotta columns" throughout the space. The crowd varied from families to business travelers with several groups of friends meeting up for a glass of wine. The bartender definitely knew what he was talking about when it came to wines. The servers too seemed very knowledgeable and friendly. Sitting at the bar I overheard some of their conversation and I could tell they cared about the customers and treating them well.

Though it was a shade on the expensive side ($25 for my pizza and a beer), I was definitely satisfied and am excited to come back and try more from the Zoë menu and chef's counter.

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