Starwich is a sandwich and salad shop with a few locations around Manhattan. We stopped in for lunch on a Sunday afternoon and were really impressed. It is a casual atmosphere, you order at a counter and they bring your meal to you.

Starwich prides itself on offering its customers ingredients and signature combinations that were formerly reserved for more exclusive, formal restaurants.

I'd say they executed this mission well. We had good food that did seem more fitting for a formal restaurant. V and I each tried a salad, the "Starwich Cobb" and "Black Olive Crusted Seared Tuna." Both were very tasty, and sizable portions (except I had hoped for a larger portion of tuna). My only complaint about the Cobb salad was that the chicken seemed a little dry, but the pieces were large slices from a whole chicken breast, not the tiny chunks you often see on a Cobb salad. Overall the food was good and healthy. I'd go back, but probably not as a regular lunch spot, it was a little pricey: our two salads and sodas ran $28.

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