I've had take-out twice now from WAVEthai and it meets my approval. Just a block from my apartment, the little restaurant doesn't have huge crowds dining in its well decorated dining room, but the food is great as take-out. I'll have to keep checking to see for when it is crowded because that's when I'd like to dine in. There's something about eating-in in an empty restaurant that is unsettling.

I've tried the pad Thai, which I can't say much about in terms of criticism or glowing praise - it was good, a nice big portion (there's always leftovers), and got the mix of flavors and textures down well. I do wish it came with a lime wedge instead of lemon, but that's nothing.

I also tried the peanut curry with chicken. If you don't know what this is, it is almost like a stew or stroganoff, served over rice, or it can be eaten almost like a soup. As take-out it comes in a quart size plastic bowl. The curry had a nice spice to it and I really enjoyed the peanut flavor. The string beans, broccoli and carrot in the mix were a good balance with the chicken.

One nice thing about the menu is the pricing, basically all dishes can be prepared with any choice of meat, poultry or seafood, and each meat sets the price. Chicken is $9. Not a bad deal for a filling and pretty healthy meal. Next time I'll try something from the wok.

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