Just Arthur's

Just Arthur's is a traditional Italian restaurant on the corner of Steinway and Ditmars in Astoria. I went there for dinner with V, because we've jogged by a few times, and a friend said it's pretty good. Before we headed out, I searched for reviews, and found one so glowing I thought the reviewer was paid to write it and a few others that were more in line with what I thought (after dinner).

The service was friendly and food was good, but not anything really unique that blew me away. V had a penne dish with sausage. I enjoyed a few bites, and as leftovers the next day with some added cheese, it was great. I had meatloaf, something I figured I wouldn't make at home anytime soon, served with mashed potatoes (real) and corn (from a can). It was pretty good, but not too memorable. The side salad was iceberg lettuce with a few cucumbers, carrots and cherry tomatoes--and the largest glob of ranch dressing ever.

Overall: good for a low key and relatively cheap dinner in the neighborhood, but i probably won't be bringing many out of town guests.

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