Momento is an Italian restaurant down the block from V's new apartment. We figured we needed to try it out now that she's a neighbor. I went in with hopes it could be the new "crepe place" (where we were pretty much regulars on weekend mornings), but it can't quite fill that hole after her move. We went on a Wednesday night and were one of only two or maybe three tables seated. This allowed them to keep a great focus on our table, so the service was very good. The food too was good, though we didn't go all out trying a lot from the menu. V and I each had different salads, she tried the Caesar and I had a blue cheese and pear salad. The special was two-for-one drinks, which made the meal rather affordable - we each had two glasses of wine, for a total of $12 - in Manhattan, that'd be the cost of a single glass! I'll have to go back again on a more busy night to see how everything stands up.

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