Welcome to Koliba, the best Czechoslovak restaurant in the New York City area. We offer authentic Czech and Slovak dishes and drinks. Come and enjoy our casual and friendly atmosphere, and get a feel of a true central European dining.

KolibaKoliba is the second Czech restaurant my grandmother recommended in my neighborhood. I've jogged by it several times before, but it always seemed closed...turns out my Monday jogging route corresponds with their one day off. I was coming home late from work and thought I'd take the long way home and see what the menu had to offer.

The restaurant was homey with a cabin-like atmosphere; there was lots of Czech paraphernalia on the walls–wooden toys, mounted game, plates. The space wasn't very large, I'm guessing there were seats for about 40 people and a small bar. The menu is short, and it seems they focus on a few standard specialties. If you want a 'special order' they advise there will be a longer wait for preparation. Everything was modestly priced, the most expensive entree being $16.75, and most closer to $10-12. The imported Czech beers were cheap too. I had a half-liter BrouCzech for $5.

I ordered beef with cream sauce (pictured) which was simple but tasty and hearty. It was three slices of pot roast with plenty of gravy. There was a lemon slice with cranberry or boysenberry jam for garnish, and a plate of dumplings on the side. I'm not certain Koliba is "the best Czechoslovak restaurant in the New York City area" but they do a nice job serving good food at a good price. Maybe it'll just become my 'regular' bar!

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