Kabab King

At Kabab King, we have served Halal food for over 10 yrs to our Muslim community in America. Kabab King specializes in excellent diverse ethnic food including Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Turkish and Chinese Cuisine.

I don't pretend to know much about Halal food or Indian or much of any Middle- or far-Eastern cuisine (from what I hear, American 'Chinese' food really isn't that authentic, too). So it is hard for me to know if what I ate at Kabab King, a restaurant in the Queens neighborhood of Jackson Heights, was good or not, but I liked it and the overall experience was culturally enriching!

The restaurant is very casual, you order from a counter and take your tray to eat. Being that I was culinarily ignorant and had no idea what to order, I went up to the counter and asked for recommendations. The guy there happily suggested we head upstairs to the $7.99 buffet which had a wide selection of foods to try, and we obliged.

We arrived a little early for the lunch rush and the buffet/dining room was almost completely empty, but they really do go for the King theme - the room was large and open, packed tightly with ornate tables and chairs. It was like we each had our own mini throne!

I tried a little of just bout everything, filling my plate with small spoonfulls (spoons full?) of various meats and sauces. The only problem with this course of action was that I still don't know what I ate, because nothing was labeled. I can say that the naan was good. Otherwise, I found that an open mind (and palate) is a good thing!

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