Carnegie Deli

My friend Jay and I enjoyed a filling and boisterous lunch at New York's famous Carnegie Deli (awesome website) today. I probably won't be going back anytime soon, unless I have a visitor in town who wants to go. For two sandwiches we spent $50.

Now, these are the famous gigantic sandwiches that are about 8" thick, piled high with turkey or pastrami or roast beef. The club has a pile of bacon four inches high! Tempting... But in the end I wasn't all that impressed with the sandwich meat, especially for the price.

I had the open face "Lil Abner" brisket sandwich with gravy. The brisket seemed dry, even with the gravy, and the fries on the side weren't too crispy. It was served as a heap of meat on a few tiny pieces of bread. My kind of sandwich! I finished the meat. Jay had a turkey and roast beef sandwich that looked great, but I didn't try it.

Overall this restaurant is famous and it is an experience to dine there. There are hundreds of celebrity photos on the wall, many with the Deli's President, Sanford Levine, pictured alongside the stars - and we saw him there making sure things were moving in such a busy but small restaurant. Our server was an older woman who barked at customers, "get me your order quick because I don't want to come back here again!" The atmosphere is really the attraction at the Carnegie Deli, not the mountain of bacon.

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