Go Wasabi

I can't tell much about sushi, but I thought what I had at Go Wasabi was good. There are some good deals to be found on the menu, like the "Maki" specials which include soup (miso, seemed overly fishy) and salad with 3 different sushi rolls (18 pieces) for a pretty good price.

I had a tuna tempura roll which was different than I expected in that the Tuna was more cooked than I'd have preferred and there wasn't a tempura crunchyness, but it was good. I also had the "SoHo" which had shrimp tempura, avocado and a spicy orange sauce. I can't remember what else was in it, (and it isn't listed on their online menu) but I found it to be very tasty, if HUGE - these were 2-inch wide rolls which I could barely fit in my mouth.

The service was adequate and amusingly everyone on staff says goodbye and thank you as you leave the restaurant.

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